The middle of last year my husband spotted a Green Bean delivery truck in the neighborhood so we though we’d look into it.  Basically its a service where you order fruits and vegetables online and they bring them to your door every week (or every other week if you choose).  All the stuff is locally sourced or organic.  We love it 🙂

Your bin is pre-populated with an order every week and if you don’t do anything that’s what you get.  But if you are like me, you can customize it every week for what you’re craving, what you need for a new recipe, or the bananas your children demand 🙂

In addition to the fruits and vegetables, you have the option to add other local or organic groceries to your order.  Nuts, meats, breads, etc.

I like the ease of having the food delivered to me.  I like that it’s local.  I like that the stuff they fill my default bin with every week often prompts us to try new things.

If you have this service in your area, I would highly recommend it!