Green Bean Delivery

The middle of last year my husband spotted a Green Bean delivery truck in the neighborhood so we though we’d look into it.  Basically its a service where you order fruits and vegetables online and they bring them to your door every week (or every other week if you choose).  All the stuff is locally sourced or organic.  We love it 🙂

Your bin is pre-populated with an order every week and if you don’t do anything that’s what you get.  But if you are like me, you can customize it every week for what you’re craving, what you need for a new recipe, or the bananas your children demand 🙂

In addition to the fruits and vegetables, you have the option to add other local or organic groceries to your order.  Nuts, meats, breads, etc.

I like the ease of having the food delivered to me.  I like that it’s local.  I like that the stuff they fill my default bin with every week often prompts us to try new things.

If you have this service in your area, I would highly recommend it!

Alternate Inauguration

Let’s work under the theory that everything that can happen, will happen.   And that each time the timeline splits it creates an alternative reality.  This will leave us with a nearly infinite number of realities.

Now let’s greatly narrow that scope to only include realities where I exist and where Trump ran for president.

I have to think that even in that already very narrow band of earths, we still live in the most narrow tiny sliver of all the realities where the election played out like this.  The farthest outlier.  The one that you can barely see on the chart.  It’s unfortunate for people on this timeline, but maybe most timelines escaped our fate.

See, I’m being positive about things 🙂

I kinda love Duolingo

We are learning Swedish as a family.  The kids are learning it as their foreign langue of choice for school (homeschool… another story for another day) and I and Kevin are learning it as well, both to support the kids, and because we think it would be great to learn another language.

I have nothing but good things to say about Duolingo.  For one, it’s free.  So you really can’t do better on the price.  We all have iPhones, and  I find that is the easiest way for me to do it every day because I always have my phone with me and can squeeze in a little here and there when I have a few minutes.

Kevin prefers to do it on his computer.  While I find the explanations on the phone perfectly adequate, they are even more in depth on the computer.  And, if you (or your child) doesn’t have a smart phone or a tablet (it’s on iOS and Android) you probably do have a home computer.

I like that Duolingo lets you work at your own pace, and you I can run a “classroom” and see the kid’s progress and make sure they are staying on task.  I can do a review of things that I am rusty on (it knows!) or manually choose what I want to review.


Some of the languages available on Duolingo also have you speak as part of the lessons.  Unfortunately Svenska (Swedish) isn’t one of them, which is the only thing I don’t love about it.

Spicy Corn and Potato Soup

If you’re looking for an awesome, spicy, hearty, vegetarian (or vegan) soup… this is it.  This is a very chunky soup! First, here is what you’ll need:


2 cans of corn
1 jumbo onion (or 2 smaller ones)
1 large bell pepper (red or green)
2-5 jalapeño peppers
25 small potatoes (or 5 yukon gold, russet, etc)
1 carton (4 cups) vegetable broth
3 tbsp butter (or oil, or earth balance)
3 tbsp flour
2 cups half & half (or a thick cashew milk)


1.) Chop the onion(s) and fry them in the butter (or other oily substance) in your soup pot until they are somewhat transparent.  About 10 mins.

2.) Add the flour, stir in well, cook for 2-3 minutes.

3.) Chop the potatoes.  Add the vegetable broth and potatoes to the pot.  Bring to a boil and boil for 10 mins.  I like to use the potatoes with thinner skins like the yukon golds, but any potatoes will be fine.

4.) Chop the bell pepper and  jalapeños.  Five makes a very spicy soup, you may prefer to use less jalapeños.  Drain the corn.  Add the pepper, jalapeño, corn, and half & half (or cashew milk) to the pot.  Keep at a low boil for 10 mins.

5.) Enjoy!

Christmas Baby

What is more adorable than a baby at Christmas?  Not a lot!  Here are some photos I have taken of my beautiful babies in  case you are looking for some ideas for your little one.

This is Adeline in 2013 in a big stocking!  We have taken her photo in the stocking every year since.  It might have been cuter in a more plush stocking but this is what we found and I think it’s still very cute!

This is Arista in 2016 in a wrapped box.  We were actually playing around putting her in boxes when we decide it would be fun to wrap one up and put her under the tree.  The best gift!!

This is Arista in 2016.  I love her smirk.  She really, really, really wanted to eat the lights!  I did the black and white with color splashes using an iOS app called “Color Pop”. It wasn’t expensive and was easy to use 🙂

Merry Christmas 🎄 🎅🏻👶🏻

Christmas in Saint Louis

This year we did four fun Christmas events.  We went to see the lights at the Botanical Gardens.  We went to the Julbord at IKEA.  We road the Santa Train at Union Station, and we went to breakfast with Santa at IKEA.

By far the most fun, and also the best value, was the breakfast with Santa at IKEA.  We will absolutely be doing this again next year.  The cost was only $5 per person.  This price included breakfast (well… we had to pay like $6 extra total for several additional cinnamon rolls and pancakes.. but mostly all included), cookies and cookie decorating, meeting Santa (they had a very kind Santa who talked to the girls and didn’t just push them through the line too fast), a photo with Santa and a photo frame (in our case, two photos and two frames… one for the older kids, one for the littles)  Also, and this is the really cool part, Santa gave every chid a toy.  Adeline (age 3) got a big stuffed golden retriever, and for Arista (4 months) got some plush stacking rings that look like a penguin.  My oldest said she saw him giving tubes of candy to the older kids who might not want a puppy.

The other event we attended at IKEA was the Julbord (literally translates as “Christmas Table” in Swedish.)  We are studying Swedish as a family, and thought a traditional Swedish holiday meal be a cool thing to do.  It was!  The food was great, and we enjoyed it.   IKEA totally won Christmas this year.

The lights at the Botanical Garden were beautiful.  It wasn’t cheap thought, and I would recommend not going on the day after Thanksgiving.  It was super busy.  We will probably go again next year, but aim to go on a random weeknight.

We also had a chance to speak with Santa over by the hot cocoa and smores!

Finally, the Santa Train ride at Union Station.  I can’t even begin to tell you what a disappointment this was.  And not only was it the worst, it was the most expensive!  We did this two years ago when it was the “Polar Express” and it was pretty good but we thought it would be more fun this year now that Adeline was older.  The reality was, we no longer got a collectors mug, the train had less staff, our “hot” cocoa was cold, and the Santa was AWEFUL.  He nearly ran down the train handing the souvenir coins to kids, and not saying a word to anyone.  Adeline seems confused that her “friend” Santa didn’t talk to her or stop when she chased after him.  Not cool.  It was so disappointing, and I felt so bad for Adeline.  At least IKEA redeemed Santa a few days later.

On an unrelated note, the Santa at South County is really good! 🙂

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