The weekend starts tonight, it’s suppose to be 70 degrees out, and there is a whole new generation of Pokémon that need catching.  Seems like we will be spending our weekend in the park(s)!

Though I never played Pokémon as a kid, I started when Pokémon Go came out last year, and I have embraced my place on team Mystic.  I finally learned all of the G1 pokémon and now I need to learn a whole new batch!  But collecting them is a fun thing to do, and the whole family gets involved.  Adeline (age 3) wears her pikachu shirt any time it’s clean (and sometimes when it’s not) and gets excited about every pidgy she catches on her iPad!  Bradley (14) is an expert at every pokémon and their evolutions, in any generation.  Kevin and I just like collecting.  And even Alexa occasionally humors us by playing, though I admit she is less enthusiastic.

Happy hunting this weekend, Pokémon nerds!