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Alternate Inauguration

Let’s work under the theory that everything that can happen, will happen.   And that each time the timeline splits it creates an alternative reality.  This will leave us with a nearly infinite number of realities.

Now let’s greatly narrow that scope to only include realities where I exist and where Trump ran for president.

I have to think that even in that already very narrow band of earths, we still live in the most narrow tiny sliver of all the realities where the election played out like this.  The farthest outlier.  The one that you can barely see on the chart.  It’s unfortunate for people on this timeline, but maybe most timelines escaped our fate.

See, I’m being positive about things 🙂

Hello world!

Over the years I have started (and eventually abandoned) a plethora of blogs.  Maybe it was because I tried to stick to a theme and lost interest.  Maybe life just got to busy.  Anyway… here we are again!  Here’s hoping to a long lasting blog… Hello Internet 🙂

Hello, I'm Ana (short for Angela.) I am a mother of four, programmer, gamer, vegetarian, trekkie, nerd, novice meditator, and science enthusiast. I like raspberries, tap dance, and my MacBook. And I write this blog. I hope you enjoy reading it.