Gen 2 Pokémon are here!

The weekend starts tonight, it’s suppose to be 70 degrees out, and there is a whole new generation of Pokémon that need catching.  Seems like we will be spending our weekend in the park(s)!

Though I never played Pokémon as a kid, I started when Pokémon Go came out last year, and I have embraced my place on team Mystic.  I finally learned all of the G1 pokémon and now I need to learn a whole new batch!  But collecting them is a fun thing to do, and the whole family gets involved.  Adeline (age 3) wears her pikachu shirt any time it’s clean (and sometimes when it’s not) and gets excited about every pidgy she catches on her iPad!  Bradley (14) is an expert at every pokémon and their evolutions, in any generation.  Kevin and I just like collecting.  And even Alexa occasionally humors us by playing, though I admit she is less enthusiastic.

Happy hunting this weekend, Pokémon nerds!

Happy Valentine’s Day!

Happy Valentines Day!  Life has been chaos here the last couple weeks, but nothing I can post about yet.  Be careful what you wish for, you might get it, LoL

On another note…

We enjoyed IKEA’s Julbord so much at Christmas that we bought tickets last weekend to go back for the Påskbord this Easter!  I would advise anyone and everyone to grab tickets now.

6 month old photos

My baby girl turned 6 months old yesterday so naturally I took some photos. I know I’m bias, but she’s a cutie, and I love taking her picture!  She is normally very (VERY) smily but the second I pull out the iPhone she gets soooo serious.

You don’t have to be rich to donate…

While it’s no secret that I hate most things about Trump, he did nudge me in the right direction on one thing.  Seeing him spew his hate and ignorance, and how many people sadly felt empowered by him to also spread hate and ignorance, I wanted to spread love… and science… knowledge… healthcare… you get the idea!

My thought was, even if I don’t have massive amounts of money to donate, it all adds up… right?  So I have a reoccurring reminder on my phone set up for the first of the month, and every month I donate a little bit.  Since the emergence of Trump we have donated to Project Chimps, Khan Academy, St. Jude, and Planned Parenthood.  I look forward to keeping up this new habit.

You can do it too.  If you have $10 to spare or $10,000, do something good with it!  If we all just give a little, we can do a lot. (Ok, that sounded corny, but its true, and on a selfish note you can feel good about doing it!)

Green Bean Delivery

The middle of last year my husband spotted a Green Bean delivery truck in the neighborhood so we though we’d look into it.  Basically its a service where you order fruits and vegetables online and they bring them to your door every week (or every other week if you choose).  All the stuff is locally sourced or organic.  We love it 🙂

Your bin is pre-populated with an order every week and if you don’t do anything that’s what you get.  But if you are like me, you can customize it every week for what you’re craving, what you need for a new recipe, or the bananas your children demand 🙂

In addition to the fruits and vegetables, you have the option to add other local or organic groceries to your order.  Nuts, meats, breads, etc.

I like the ease of having the food delivered to me.  I like that it’s local.  I like that the stuff they fill my default bin with every week often prompts us to try new things.

If you have this service in your area, I would highly recommend it!

Alternate Inauguration

Let’s work under the theory that everything that can happen, will happen.   And that each time the timeline splits it creates an alternative reality.  This will leave us with a nearly infinite number of realities.

Now let’s greatly narrow that scope to only include realities where I exist and where Trump ran for president.

I have to think that even in that already very narrow band of earths, we still live in the most narrow tiny sliver of all the realities where the election played out like this.  The farthest outlier.  The one that you can barely see on the chart.  It’s unfortunate for people on this timeline, but maybe most timelines escaped our fate.

See, I’m being positive about things 🙂

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