iPhone Portrait Mode

I had an iPhone 6+, and when the 6s and 6s+ came out, I switched to the 6s.  The plus was just too big for my hands!  Before the 7/7+ were announced we said that this year would be the year we didn’t get new phones… then they started talking about the camera on the 7+.  Optical zoom?  Yes please.  And something called “portrait mode”?  So… despite not really needing a new phone, AND not really liking how big the plus was, I got an iPhone 7+ on day one.

I still think it’s too big for my hands… but OMG do I love the portrait mode!  No regrets.


Above are some of the photos I’ve taken in the past week.  Certainly I have used portrait mode before, but this past week has been really warm and we’ve been outside a lot.  It is when there is lots of natural light that the portrait mode really shines.

There are a couple of down sides.  The first being, as mention it does awesome in natural light… but when you’re inside and it’s not super well lit the photos can get grainy (in portrait mode, the normal camera does beautifully in most light).  The second challenge is that it takes a second to focus in portrait mode, and if you’re trying to photograph a child who never stops moving you can miss the smiles or end up with blurry photos.  I think 1/20th of the photos I took of Adeline turned out because she kept twirling and dancing.  But its digital, so I can take 100, no big deal!

If you’re on the edge I would say, do it, absolutely do it.  I love the camera on this phone!


Gen 2 Pokémon are here!

The weekend starts tonight, it’s suppose to be 70 degrees out, and there is a whole new generation of Pokémon that need catching.  Seems like we will be spending our weekend in the park(s)!

Though I never played Pokémon as a kid, I started when Pokémon Go came out last year, and I have embraced my place on team Mystic.  I finally learned all of the G1 pokémon and now I need to learn a whole new batch!  But collecting them is a fun thing to do, and the whole family gets involved.  Adeline (age 3) wears her pikachu shirt any time it’s clean (and sometimes when it’s not) and gets excited about every pidgy she catches on her iPad!  Bradley (14) is an expert at every pokémon and their evolutions, in any generation.  Kevin and I just like collecting.  And even Alexa occasionally humors us by playing, though I admit she is less enthusiastic.

Happy hunting this weekend, Pokémon nerds!

Happy Valentine’s Day!

Happy Valentines Day!  Life has been chaos here the last couple weeks, but nothing I can post about yet.  Be careful what you wish for, you might get it, LoL

On another note…

We enjoyed IKEA’s Julbord so much at Christmas that we bought tickets last weekend to go back for the Påskbord this Easter!  I would advise anyone and everyone to grab tickets now.

6 month old photos

My baby girl turned 6 months old yesterday so naturally I took some photos. I know I’m bias, but she’s a cutie, and I love taking her picture!  She is normally very (VERY) smily but the second I pull out the iPhone she gets soooo serious.

You don’t have to be rich to donate…

While it’s no secret that I hate most things about Trump, he did nudge me in the right direction on one thing.  Seeing him spew his hate and ignorance, and how many people sadly felt empowered by him to also spread hate and ignorance, I wanted to spread love… and science… knowledge… healthcare… you get the idea!

My thought was, even if I don’t have massive amounts of money to donate, it all adds up… right?  So I have a reoccurring reminder on my phone set up for the first of the month, and every month I donate a little bit.  Since the emergence of Trump we have donated to Project Chimps, Khan Academy, St. Jude, and Planned Parenthood.  I look forward to keeping up this new habit.

You can do it too.  If you have $10 to spare or $10,000, do something good with it!  If we all just give a little, we can do a lot. (Ok, that sounded corny, but its true, and on a selfish note you can feel good about doing it!)

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